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  •  Any learner who is willing and able to benefit from the distinct education offered by Bethel High School will have an equal chance to be admitted to the School and to benefit from all of the school programs Therefore:
  •  No learner will be denied admission on the basis of his or her race, colour, creed, religious background or any other form of discrimination.
  • Admission tests may be administered to guide the placement of a learner.


Applications  are now open.

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Subjects Offered

Grade 1-3

  • English HL; IsiXhosa FAL; Life Skills; Mathematics

Grade 4-6

  • English HL; IsiXhosa FAL; Afrikaans SAL; Life Skills; Mathematics;
    Natural Scie & Technology(only grade 5&6); Social Sciences(only grade 5&6)

Grade 7-9

  • English HL; IsiXhosa FAL; Afrikaans FAL; Life Orientation;
    Economic & Management Sciences; Creative Arts; Mathematics;
    Natural Sciences; Technology; Social Sciences

Grade 10-12

Commercial Sciences

  • Accounting; Economics & Business Studies

Natural Sciences

  • Mathematics; Mathematical Literacy
  • Physical Sciences; Agricultural Sciences
  • Natural Sciences & Geography

Other Areas

  • Life Orientation
  • History
  • Agricultural Management Practices(AMP)

One Sabbath in March 2018

Our Staff

Our Staff

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