Bethel is a place called by God’s name and anywhere God’s presence is it is heaven on earth.

After receiving all the secular education in Egypt and in the palace of Pharaoh, still Moses was unfit to be the leader God had intended him to be. He had not attained true education. To equip him God had to seclude Moses to the mountains of Midian. Why? Because, “amidst the solemn of the mountain solitudes Moses was alone with God. Everywhere the Creator’s name was written. Moses seemed to stand in His presence and be overshadowed by His power. Here his self- sufficiency was swept away.”(Ed p63).

 Great man of God like Abraham, Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist and Paul (among others), God always called them aside in the wilderness/ mountainside or quiet place to equip them with divine principles to fit their heavenly designed purpose for creation.

Likewise here at Bethel, the environment is conducive for both academic learning and spiritual growth. The campus is by the mountainside, far away from the madding crowd, the presence of God is felt everywhere for even in classrooms there is the integration of faith and learning. Learners are groomed to be God-fearing young men and women who occupy positions of honour whilst holding fast the Christian principles (ref to some of the Alumni members).

Bethel is the place to be


Let us pledge to be on the Lord’s side and say, “it is better for my child to have Christian education at Bethel (regardless of the challenges the school may be facing) where God’s people and presence is than to   expose my child to secular education which brings eternal ruin.
There’s no other better place to be. Bethel is the place to be.

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