Our vision

  • A school that reflects ever higher standards of excellence;

Spiritually, Mentally and Physicall.

Our mission:

is to impact South Africa through the lives of learners who have been:

  1. Inspired to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior
      2. Equipped with a balanced modern education.

      3. Challenged to commit their lives to unselfish service wherever they may find themselves.

Our Objectives:

1. To improve the academic quality of all grades that would be reflective of an institution of excellence.
2. To create a budget that would support the provision of quality resources for effective teaching and learning.
3. To provide a positive and safe environment that would contribute to conditions.
4. To develop a staff development program that would ensure quality service provision.
5. To develop a strong Spiritual ethos at the school, that will enable each learner to develop a Christian character reflecting the image of our Creator.
5. To incorporate activities which promote the Social, Mental, Spiritual and Physical growth of educators and learners in our extra-mural activities.
6. To strengthen active collaboration amongst the school, parents and church.
7. To conduct quarterly safety inspections at the school to ensure that the school meets the health and safety requirements of the local authorities.(Revised March 2015)

One Sabbath in March 2018

Our Staff

Our Staff

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100yrs Alumni Celebrations

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