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Ref to 2 Samuel 9:13

Mephiboshet was not an attractive guest at the royal table, yet he had an open invitation from King David and the Lord invites us to share intimately with Him through Christ god raises His lowly brothers and sisters from poverty and exile to enjoy the king’s court, noble rank and royal provision.

Their deformity shall not rob them of their privileges, lameness is no bar to sonship, the disabled is as much the heir as if he could run like a gazelle. Our ability to enter may be impaired but not our right of entry. A king’s table is a noble hiding place for lame legs.

What caused the lameness?

Bad nursing in infancy- that affected Mephiboshet permanently and had it not been of grace his case could have been hopeless.

The true teacher is not satisfied with directing his students to a standard lower than the highest which is possible for them to attain. He cannot be content with imparting to them only technical knowledge, with making them merely clever accountants, skilful artisans, successful tradesmen. It is his ambition to inspire them with principles of truth, obedience, honour, integrity and purity- principles that will make them a positive force for the stability and uplifting of society. He desires them, above else, to learn life’s greatest lesson of unselfish service. From the true teacher, the student finds within his reach the power to realise in himself his noblest ideals. The opportunities of the highest education for life in this world are his. And in the training here gained, he is entering upon that course which embraces eternity …     Education c4

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